Covid-19 informations

March 07, 2022

The safety and health of our patients and colleagues is paramount for Maternity Private Clinic, so please note and follow the precautions below:

  1. If you or one of your close relative has the following symptoms, please inform our staff:
    sore throat,
    breathing difficulties,
    digestive tract symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea),
    reduction/loss of smell and taste
  2. Wearing a face mask properly (at least surgical face mask covering your nose and mouth) – is mandatory in the whole area of the Clinic!
  3. Admittance to delivery is only allowed for healthy pregnant patients free from fever, airway and nervous system symptoms, and has a negative COVID-19 PCR testPCR tests should be done within 5 days prior to surgery in case of C-section, or within 7 days prior in case of vaginal delivery!
  4. The patient can be accompanied one family member for the delivery and the duration of hospital stay. The accompanying person can stay at the clinic only with a medical document certifying vaccination which is 6 months prior, in that case we will perform a COVID-19 rapid test at the time of admission. If the accompanying person has no vaccination with negative PCR test result can stay in our clinic (not older than 5 days in case of C-section, or 7 days in case of vaginal delivery), and with adherence to precautions and hygiene rules.*
  5. Patients can wait accompanied by only one person at the outpatient department and hall, keeping at least a 1.5 meter distance.
  6. Patients coming to surgery still need to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours before the appointment! In the case of surgical patients requiring urgent admission, we perform an antigen test (rapid test) at our clinic, the is added to the total amount of the surgery.

* We would like to inform you that COVID positive patients cannot be admitted to the Maternity Private Clinic in compliance with official regulations!

Thank you for following these precautions for the sake of your, your environment’s and our colleagues’ health!
Petronella Hupuczi, M.D.

Clinical Director