About us

At the Maternity Obstetrics and Gynaecology Private Clinic we aim to provide professional and personalized care for our patients in an exclusive environment in Buda. The highest professional quality is based on our universal mentality and the long-standing cooperation of our doctors and specialists who has been working together as a team for years. Professor Zoltán Papp, M.D. had been the head of the 1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Semmelweis  University for 17 years before he founded the Maternity Private Clinic. His name and his outstanding professional achievements guarantees a strong foundation for our principles and mentality.

Our team include well-known doctors and highly skilled healthcare workers. We all follow the same clinical school, we are highly trained in professional communication and in working with people and it has been holding us together for a long time as an exceptionally cooperating team. This well-experienced professional staff guarantees high quality care for the satisfaction of our patients.

Our clinic is the only private institute in Hungary that is specialised in one field, as being the private hospital of women where all obstetric and gynaecological surgeries and treatments are available. Along with precision and outstanding professional standard, taking individual needs into consideration and personalized treatment serve as the basis of our work.

We support our patients in every stage of pregnancy and delivery. With our prenatal care packages we help them and provide the conditions to make delivery an unforgettable and wonderful experience. In our modern and well-equipped labour and delivery rooms mothers and fathers can share the experience which we defined in one of our mottos: a family is born. We are trying to prepare the parents for the path ahead of them, answer their questions, and provide them comfort and tranquility in the first days in our family rooms.

One basic feature of Maternity is our holistic approach towards our patients. The comprehensive range of services of Maternity Studio consider all needs and efficiently help women and families whether it is about psychological programmes and lectures, professionally guided gymnastics or massage. It is crucial for us to help you create the harmony of body and soul.

You are the one who gives life, we are only assisting – says another motto of ours. At our clinic we honestly believe that the birth of a child is a real miracle. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and best conditions for families to live this miracle. Maternity itself is a family giving birth to new families day by day. We are happy to be a part of our patients’ happiest, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

We are a family for the families.