Our patients are treated by the best professionals at our inpatient unit. All important gynecological surgeries are readily available from the smaller, simple interventions to special expanded surgeries.

  • Simple interventions (fractionated abrasion, instrumental completion, puncture, smaller excision)
  • Minor surgeries (conisation and fractionated abrasion, cervical reconstruction, surgical solution for Bartholin’s gland or abscess, cerclage, diagnostic hysteroscopy)
  • Medium gynaecological plastic surgeries (vaginoplasty, vaginal dilation surgery, hymenoplasty, simple perineoplasty)
  • Major surgeries (laparatomy, vaginal hysterectomy, abdominal hysterectomy, metroplasty, myoma enucleation, tubal recanalisation, vaginoplasty, surgical solution of cysto-recto-enterocele, other adnexal surgeries, simple vulvectomy)
  • laparoscopy
  • Special expanded surgeries (Wertheim surgery, abdominal colpopexy, radical vulvectomy)

Please send your ambulant documents (received from your doctor) and your phone number to in case of any requests or interests in our surgical interventions.
Our colleagues will contact you within 24 hours with all the details of your operation.

For more information please contact our colleagues.

Fanni Benyovics
Inpatient coordinator