Abdominal, cranial and hip ultrasound

If necessary, brain, abdominal and hip ultrasound scan is recommended for newborns and routinely for 4-6 week old infants. This can identify abnormalities which were not possible to be diagnosed by ultrasound during pregnancy. In case of brain lesions neurodevelopmental assessments are available. During abdominal ultrasound the most common lesion is renal pelvis dilation, in which case the necessary blood and urine tests are also available. With cutting edge ultrasound devices we can examine the pelvis of the infant and conditions such as hip dislocation or other developmental disorders of the hip joint can be screened and treated in due time. If necessary, we send the infant to a pediatric orthopedic specialist.


Valéria Váradi, Ph.D., M.D.

professor, pediatrician, neonatologist

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