Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests
Blood count, serum iron, SGOT, SGPT,LDH, Se Bi, blood glucose, carbamide, uric acid, total protein, serum sodium and potassium fibrinogen 8.000 HUF
Antibody screening 12.000 HUF
HbsAg 7.000 HUF
Wassermann-reaction 5.000 HUF
Female hormones (LH, FSH, oestrogen, progesterone, prolactin, testosterone) 16.000 HUF
TSH, free T3, free T4, Anti TPO 10.000 HUF
Urine test (general + sediment) 4.000 HUF
OGTT 6.000 HUF
Toxoplasma IgG, IgM; CMV IgG, IgM 17.000 HUF
CRP 5.000 HUF
Urine culture 6.000 HUF
Beta-HCG 5.000 HUF
Cancer antigen CA-125 and HE-4 15.000 HUF
Hemoglobin A1C + blood glucose 6.000 HUF
TORCH 30.000 HUF
Blood glucose and insulin test 15.000 HUF
Vitamin D3 7.000 HUF
Cortizol 5.000 HUF
AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) 10.000 HUF
Thrombosis test (Leiden-mutation, MTHFR, C677T) 20.000 HUF
Ferritin + transferrin + iron + blood count 7.000 HUF
DHEA-sulphate + SHBG 6.000 HUF
Lactose intolerace test 10.000 HUF
Coeliac disease HLA 25.000 HUF
Endocrinology package
(DHEA sulphate, SHBG, FSH, LH, oestrogen, progesterone, prolactin, testosterone, TSH, free T3, free T4, Anti TPO, blood glucose and insulin, D3 vitamin, cortisol
44.000 HUF

Dear Patients!

Due to the potential risk of the flue and virus infections we restrict the number of the visitors in order to protect the moms to be, the babys and all of our patients. Every patients are allowed to have one visitor.

Thank you for understanding! Maternity Clinic