Further specialist examinations

Maternity dietetika


Maternity bőrgyógyászat


Maternity aneszteziológiai ambulancia


Maternity belgyógyászat

Internal medicine

Maternity táplálkozástudományi szakrendelés

Nutrition science

Maternity emlőultrahang

Breast ultrasound

Maternity hasi ultrahang

Abdominal ultrasound

Maternity pajzsmirigy ultrahang

Thyroid ultrasound

Maternity végtagok vénás doppler vizsgálata

Doppler ultrasound of limbs

Dear Patients!

Due to the potential risk of the flue and virus infections we restrict the number of the visitors in order to protect the moms to be, the babys and all of our patients. Every patients are allowed to have one visitor.

Thank you for understanding! Maternity Clinic