Prenatal courses

Maternity anyaságra felkészítő tanfolyam

Becoming a family program

Maternity Private Clinic offers a prenatal course program dedicated for foreign patients. Our classes will guide you in the Hungarian prenatal and child- health care system, additionally prepare you for the arrival of your newborn baby and allow you to ask your questions, gather information and meet other couples. Fathers are more than welcomed in this program, and the classes are opened not just for Maternity patients.

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Upcoming classes:

1. Preparing for welcoming a child.

2. Giving birth.

3. Infant feeding method and baby care.

4. Guidance in the Hungarian pre- and postnatal care system.

Starting: 17:00 /Tuesday/

Duration: 1-1:30 hours

Location: Maternity Studio, 1126 Budapest, Királyhágó Square 8-9. ground floor

Regarding to the upcoming dates, please contact Katalin Szöllősi:


The classes are free of charge for patients with Premium prenatal care package schedule for 12-24. weeks.

For other patients the price is 9000 HUF/class/couple.

Discounted pass is 30 000 HUF/4classes/couple.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation online course option is also available with the same dates and tematics and prices. During the registration you can choose between the personal and the online meeting. The price is accepted via bank transfer. Bank account: Maternity Beauty Kft. 12011265-01651492-00100001​. Before the classes we are going to send an invitation link for the participants who chose the online option. After accepting the invitation, the program will be automatically downloaded to your device, and you can join to the class.