Maternity várandós torna

Prenatal gymnastics

The aim of gymnastics is to help mothers maintain good health and fitness, strengthen their muscles under increased stress during pregnancy and encourage an easier and safer delivery Gymnastics has a beneficial effect on problems and complaints during pregnancy such as back pain or leg swelling. Exercises in various positions helps to create and maintain proper posture, support blood flow, strengthen of the pectoral and pelvic floor muscles and improves balance and coordination. From the 12th week to delivery our group fitness classes are on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am.

Maternity szülés utáni regeneráló torna

Postpartum recovery exercises

The posture during breastfeeding and the regular lifting of the baby overloads back muscles and the spinal column. During training we are working on the correction of posture to avoid back and waist pain and then achieve stability by performing exercises that strengthen the abs and the back in this corrected posture. Strengthening the abs has high relevance in recovering the overstretched abdominal wall. We put great emphasis on improving pectoral muscle strength – thus helping proper breastfeeding – as well as pelvic floor muscles that overstretch during pregnancy. The group fitness classes are on Wednesdays at 9 am.

Maternity baba-mama torna

Mom and baby gym

Doing exercises with the baby strengthens the relationship between the mother and the baby: mothers are doing the recovering exercises in sync with the baby. It is beneficial for both parties: mothers are improving more by lifting their babies which in turn is playful and entertaining for the baby. These exercises are recommended from the age of 2 months, group classes are on Mondays at 9 am.

Maternity medencefenék torna

Pelvis floor gymnastics

These exercises have an important role both during pregnancy and after delivery. The stronger the pelvic floor muscle, the more effectively it can support the lesser pelvic organs. Additionally, with special exercises the muscle can be consciously relaxed, and by that, mothers can help perineal muscles to draw aside and the formation of a smooth birth canal. Following delivery these exercises improve the circulation of the perineal area enabling faster wound and perineal muscle recovery which get overstretched during pregnancy and espeically in labour. Group classes are on Friday at 9 am.

Maternity egyéni torna

Individual gymnastics

Why it’s beneficial is that the personal goal can be achieved with personalized exercises and we can focus more on treating the current symptoms potentially developing in the meantime.