Petronella Hupuczi, M.D.

Consulting hours
Monday 10:00-14:00

Petronella Hupuczi, M.D.

As a sixth-year medical student I spent my obstetrics/gynaecology practice in the clinic of Professor Zoltán Papp in Budapest. I had a great time there and at the end of the practice I asked the Professor whether I could work there after graduation. He asked me what type of doctor I would like to be. He was very surprised to hear me choosing the latter from obstetrics/gynaecology, neonatology and anaesthesiology, but he was happy with my decision.

After graduation I started to work at the clinic and I found myself in a very decent workshop. With the leadership of the Professor the institute was in its golden age. We attended many forums and also organized some ourselves. The scientific life was very vivid, we became one of the most beautiful and best clinic of the university and of the city. We excelled in education, science and healing as well, our obstetrics and gynaecology clinic the most hard-working in the country and we gained a huge amount of experience during the years while inspiring each other too. I think the atmosphere of the workplace is very important for a young doctor. I consider myself very lucky in this respect, that I had the chance to start working in the clinic then. The Professor supported our scientific interests, we received a lot of help and guidance from him and we could learn a lot and gained many opportunities thanks to him.

Before I started to work in this field obstetric anaesthesiology was not that “popular” and well-documented in Hungary. I attended many forums, we published a lot in this topic which made me one of the experts in Hungary. Following retirement, the Professor established Maternity Private Clinic where I started working and we are trying to carry on his legacy, the work and the scientific atmosphere that he created. I am still doing my job with the same joy and devotion and I have leading roles in more and more professional communities and workshops.

I love my profession because anaesthesiology and intensive therapy requires broad view and better insight into medicine and additionally, it demands quick decision making. Obstetrics also require quick responses to unexpected, acute situations. It is rather erratic. We are getting feedback immediately, we are responsible for two lives at every moment. It is a constant challenge, which I love and enjoy. It is an immensely exciting and beautiful task and it is a corner of my heart.

I meet a lot of couples to whom pregnancy and birth does not happen as they dreamed of and they have to face unexpected adverse events. These irregular, endangered pregnancies are in the middle of my attention: the management, post-treatment and care of these pregnancies are very close to me not just professionally but also personally.

I spend my free time with my family of course. I like reading and traveling and physical activity is also important to me, I do sports 4-5 times a week.