Judit Noll, M.D.


I graduated from the university in 1993, I specialised in paediatrics in ‘99, later on in dermatovenereology and cosmetology in 2007.

I was born to a family of doctors it was obvious that I will choose this profession. I love people and children and it is a great feeling to help, I also like individual stories. I think my specialty as a paediatric dermatologist is that I really know how to handle children.

A diagnosis based on an early symptom followed by a successful treatment is always a pleasure to me. I am success-oriented, I love my job and finding solutions to my patients’ problems always make me happy. Dermatology for me is like reading a detective novel: I have to investigate what lies behind the symptoms, I have to pay attention to previous treatments to find the real reason and give the right treatment.

I like spending my time listening to music, I go to classical music concerts as often as I can.

Noll Judit
Consulting hours
Tuesday 8:30 – 10:00