János szigeti, M.D.

János Szigeti, M.D.

I graduated in 1990 from Semmelweis University and specialised in anaesthesiology and intensive care in 1994. I have been working at Maternity Private Clinic since 2016. During the sixth year at the university I was very interested in paramedics because its atmosphere and the various techniques and opportunities that enable maintaining basic life functions – not necessarily with medication. But I saw the downsides of it as well. As soon as the patients are handed over to the hospital, the paramedic cannot follow what happens to them and cannot see the long-term effect of his or her work. This turned my attention to intensive care. At the beginning anaesthesia was only an “extra”, but later on I started to enjoy it as well and I am still doing it with the same devotion even today.
One of my most memorable experience was during a GP duty when I was called for someone. When I arrived I rang the bell. A young girl opened the door with a bit of a delay. Her mother was lying in the apartment in the state of clinical death. We had to act fast: we started resuscitation without any equipment, which was successful, fortunately. Afterwards, the lady was taken to the department where I could follow her recovery as her doctor, until we could discharge her completely recovered. This memory is important for me for several reasons: I was part of the very first moment of the problem and I could follow her recovery until she got discharged from the hospital. It was also nice to see how her young daughter could retain composure and helped me with the resuscitation.
I think adrenaline is an important part of not just my work, but my free time as well. My hobbies include mountaineering, via ferrata, rowing and rafting. It feels good to enjoy nature and exercise at the same time. I find my joy on mountains, on the water or on a bike too.

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