Marcell Bakos, M.D.

Marcell Bakos, M.D.

I have always been amazed by the female body and the complexity of its cycle and this feeling grew even stronger during university. I chose obstetrics/gynaecology for its complexity and versatility. During consultations personal relationships can be formed between doctors and patients. This job requires profound knowledge from many fields of medicine while you have to display excellent surgical skills to be able to provide the best treatment for patients.
And there is always that bonus, the most wonderful thing in the lives of many people: childbirth. It feels empowering to be part of it every day, that is why I wanted it to have an important role in my life as well.
Inside the field of obstetrics/gynaecology I mostly work with couples who have difficulties with conception. Unfortunately, it is an increasingly relevant problem and we still have a lot to do, that is why I keep improving myself.
We experience fateful moments every day during our career, we often meet patients with whom we would share the memory of a nice story. One of my patients passed her due date, she came to the hospital with mild abdominal cramps. I examined her and told her she is basically two pushes away from having a baby. She got so surprised she could only ask: “What? Are we giving birth? Now?! But it doesn’t even hurt!” Finally, she pushed twice and the baby was out. It was so smooth that we were laughing about her reaction right after. This gift is rare, but a good relationship between the doctor and the patient can always be an effective painkiller.
I like doing sports in my free-time. I come from a family of runners, so it was an obvious choice, then I took up tennis too. Besides that, I like singing (I learned musical singing), and sometimes we jam with my friends, I play the guitar and the clarinet. I also like board games and the discussions developing during game play.

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